Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (Tokyo)

“There is no one best way. Innovation in business comes from facing paradox, combining opposites, and acknowledging ambiguity.”

At Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, or Hitotsubashi ICS, you join a small, select, and impressive international group of students and encounter a challenging MBA curriculum reflecting our value of combining the Best of Two Worlds. You study Finance, Strategy, Operations, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, and other essential subjects. You also experience and learn — through coursework, meetings with top executives, internships, and field studies — how Japanese companies create knowledge, innovate, and manage quality; and how corporate goals and social purpose differ around the world. In our Global Citizenship course, you learn about meeting the needs of others — from Nepalese villagers to Tokyo’s homeless. During Knowledge Week, you look inward to better understand your values, and relate career to your life’s purpose. In teamwork activities, you learn first-hand how to manage cultural differences in values, work practices, expectations, and incentives in order to create greater synergy. Hitotsubashi ICS is winner of the “World-class Curriculum Excellence” Award presented by Japanese accreditation body ABEST21. Our student-to-faculty ratio, about 3:1, offers ample opportunities for direct interaction through our seminar system, independent studies, and a wide range of social and academic activities. Our faculty members are highly successful authors, public speakers, and researchers. Many of them have teaching experience at other top business schools around the world and/or have been corporate leaders and executives in global and Japanese firms. Over 50% hold an MBA degree. They are appointees to corporate boards of directors and are advisors to leading companies in Japan. By virtue of their continued involvement in the corporate world, our faculty members play a key role in inviting top executive guest speakers to their classes, and facilitating internships and recruitment for our students.

Our history. Hitotsubashi University was founded in 1875 to educate “Captains of Industry” through combining the best of Japanese and Western philosophies and practices, and to lead Japan’s entry into the industrialized world. For 135 years, Hitotsubashi graduates have been at the forefront of Japanese business, government, academics, and media. In 2000, Hitotsubashi University founded the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS) to continue its tradition of developing global leaders.

Our mission. To develop a new generation of global business leaders for Japan, Asia, and the world; and to create knowledge and disseminate — on a global scale — research output originating from Japan. Our world-class curriculum combines the best practices in business education from around the world with a distinctive perspective on Japan and Japan’s role in the Asian and global economies. As a global thought leader, we are a premier source of knowledge on innovation and globalization in Japanese firms and markets, and we provide provocative, cutting-edge and practical ideas to both academics and business practitioners. Our network of a new generation of leaders of the Asian and global economies is born out of our diverse student body and faculty, through our alliances with top Asian and global business schools, and through our partnerships with leading companies in Japan and the region.

Hitotsubashi ICS combines the best of two worlds to realize our educational mission. Our vision is to be the bridge between the East and the West, Practice and Theory, Global and Local, Business and Society, Cooperation and Competition, Large and Small, Old and New. By pursuing these ends simultaneously, we hope to gain the Best of Two Worlds.

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