Peking University Guanghua School of Management (Beijing)

Peking University is the paramount academic institution in China. Its faculty members and students have impacted widely every facet of society–legal, political, literary, scientific, social, philosophical, and cultural. The University is proud of its part in educating China’s most prominent social, business, and political leaders and also gains an international reputation for leading research and education.

Guanghua School of Management is one of China’s leading business schools. Guanghua’s mission is to advance management knowledge and develop business leaders for China and the global society. In Jan. 2012, Guanghua School of Management ranks 54 in the top 100 schools on its first participation in Financial Times ranking. It is also the only listed business school from Mainland China.

Just as China is in a dynamic state of change, Guanghua finds itself in the position of meeting the future challenges facing the world economies. Through its education initiatives, Guanghua seeks to train its graduates to develop and implement responsible and innovative successful business solutions.

As the flagship of the school, the MBA program helps students establish a solid understanding of business fundamentals, gain broader perspectives about management, organization and society, and grasp state-of-the-art analytical skills that are necessary to achieve lifelong success. Now the MBA program is in an exciting stage of development and needs a motivated MBA International Project Coordinator that will facilitate MBA international project and marketing. MBA

Now, the MBA program is well-positioned to provide three different MBA programs (Full-time MBA, Part-time MBA and International MBA) for international students who are interested in pursuing excellence MBA studying at a world recognized university.


Find Our Essence of 4 Is

Integrity & Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Business Ethics
Humanities, History and Philosophy
Global Vision
International Immersion
Multilanguage, Cross-Culture
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Creativity: Dare to be different
Management with Art and Science
Innovation & Entrepreneurship center
Incorporation of Theory & Practice
Globalization & Localization








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