Best Symposium

On January 11th 2011, Graduate school of Business from Hitotsubashi University (ICS), Peking University (GSM) and Seoul National University (GSB) entered into an alliance agreement to create what is to be known as the BEST Business School Alliance.

The objective of the BEST Alliance is to facilitate full-fledged research and educational cooperation between the three prominent business schools, which are located in the capital cities of China, Japan, and South Korea. The idea of this business school partnership was born out the Trilateral Cooperation Vision 2020 that was jointly created by the governments of China, Japan, and South Korea in May 2010 to explore cooperative partnerships between the three countries, which are increasingly becoming the center of the world economy.

The BEST Business School Alliance provides a platform for business leaders, academicians, and students in these three nations to develop a deeper understanding in each other’s economy, business, society, and culture, as well as other important business-related aspects that are unique to the partner countries.

To do this, the Alliance will feature joint educational collaboration in degree and non-degree programs and opportunities to produce cutting-edge, world-class research in business and management. Some of these activities include student exchange programs, dual degree programs, study tours of partner schools, faculty and staff exchanges, and research collaboration through joint research activities and publications, as well as an annual joint research symposium. Where possible, the partner schools will also exchange academic and administrative information and materials in areas of mutual interest.